Our Holistic Impact

Custom Branding

In late 2023, we were awarded a social enterprise capacity building grant which funded the purchase of a 130 watt CO2 laser, which means we can now make customised gifts.

Our new laser cutting and engraving capabilities have also led to new employment opportunities at the Karma Collective, and Sam is busy working with businesses delivering awesome custom projects.  The laser engraves logos and labels onto just about anything (including powder coated metal, wood and acrylic materials). Scenic World in the Blue Mountains, and Mosaic Hues are just a few of the businesses which now have their own branded Karma products. Contact us for the personal touch for your business. We'd love to support you. 


Candle Refills

We've noticed a rise in sales of our refill range. Our Glass Candle Refills are made using the same premium A05 soywax in our galss jars, making them an absolute bargain! This is one way we are looking after people and planet. Refills are $20 - that's half the price of a new Glass Soywax Candle for another 50 hours of burn time - super accessible pricing in this day and age! If you haven't tried out refills, and have Karma jars lying around at home, head online and try this economical way of replacing your candle.

How do we do it? Our wicks are not glued into the bottom of your glass container. They are wax-fixed. This means that containers can be reused again and again. This saves you money and reduces waste. They are also made-to-order which means a reduction in stock waste.

 The Shed

This is a story to warm your heart! The opening of our Wellbeing Sanctuary took a big leap forward in the last few months with the building of the shelter for our animals! When pricing for a new shed construction came in at $100k+, the dream seemed far outside of our reach. At that moment, an opportunity to place a tender for a huge 10m x 12 m former dairying shed opened up. The owners were asking for just $500 (!) - the catch being we had to also make a firm and binding commitment to disassemble and transport it all before mid-March, and provide an outline of the purpose for the shed.  On hearing our story and plans for the sanctuary, we were awarded the tender! With the help of many hands, and incredible oversight by Peter (Karma husband), the shed is now fully built on our property at Cranley, Toowoomba. The previous owner of the shed is excited about its new home and looks forward to being a part of our ongoing story. 


Including Everybody

We have had some amazing coaching by Matthew Townsend from Nature Freedom. Nature Freedom assists those with a disability to engage in outdoor adventures. Matthew spoke with us about being kind, and not aways having all of the answers when including people of all abilities. We just need to be willing to learn and understand each other. We look forward to welcoming people of all abilities at our Wellbeing Sanctuary.


Boua is Saved!

We did it! Boua is now free to live her life at the Elephant Conservation Centre in Laos. You can read more about her incredible story here. The Karma Collective donated an incredible $1000 (500 Euros) towards the cost to rescue her from tourism. This is all through wholesale and retail product sales over Christmas and New Year - this is the power and influence of buying gifts that give back!

Thank you to our amazing Karma family for helping to make this a reality!